Illustration for Innovation Srategy, LEG
jan 18
Corporate Publishimg Illustration, German Graduatae School of Management & Law
jan 18
Illustration of an Exhibition on Playroom Walls about the Digital Transformation, VR Leasing,
Agency : Deekeling Arndt Düsseldorf
jan 18
Illustration of Playroom Walls about the Digital Transformation, Endress Hauser,
Agency : playroom Vienna
dec 17
Zukunftsbild, rewe , toom markt, Köln
oct 17
Strategy Visualisation - Futurevisions, WathThorntonKlein, Düsseldorf
apr - may 17
Mixed Media Illustration for Advertising Campaign, Mercedes Benz,
Agency station3, Krefeld
feb 17
Editorial illustration for DLD Magazine, DLD, Burda, Munich
jan 17
Graphic recording for ‚Netzwerk Integration von Flüchtlingen in Unternehmen‘ DIHK Deutsche Industrie und Handelskammer Frankfurt a. M.
dec 16 developes Illustrative Artwork for McCann Ericcson, Frankfurt a. M.
dec 16
graphic recording for ‚Deutsches Bergbaumuseum Bochum‘ and Innogy Agency: Kopfspringer
dec 16 gives Visualization Workshop for GIZ, Gesellschaft Internationale Zusammenarbeit
nov 16 leads a visualization workshop for ANWR , Deutscher Schuhverband, Agency: Kopfspringer
nov 16
Graphic recording for EWE, LEW, Thyssen, Grüne Liga
oct 16
Illustrative Interior Design Project for the St. Anna Hospital, Luzern, Agency: Krucker & Partner, Luzern, Switzerland
sept 16
Live Illustration at the Swiss Innovation Day, Luzern, Switzerland
sept 16 recording for Leadership Summits Bayer AG, Agency Vokdams Wuppertal
june 16 graphic recording for Innovation Summit Siemens AG Siemens München
june 16 llustrative Corporate Design Communication material for a Startup in Internet of things Project, ubirch, Köln and Berlin
may 16 editorial Illustration for Corporate Communications Magazine Evonik C3, Berlin
may 16 visualize for uniplan expo city 2018 Uniplan, Köln
apr 16 design and visualize for a Volkswagen Project, C3, Berlin
mar 16 work out illustrative app concepts, Grand Centrix, Köln
mar 16 developed several animations for ERGO Versicherung, Benstar Media, Köln
mar 16 and the illustrators Till Lassmann, Stephan Lomp and Mathias Suess work out an illustration focused graphic recording for Boehringer, Ingelheim
feb 16 gives a visualization and sketchbook workshop for southamerican manager delegation, Kopfspringer, Düsseldorf
jan 16 illustrates and visualizes for Deutsche Lufthansa Technik, Hamburg
okt 15 to april 16 illustrates and visualizes for Sparkassen Finanzportal, Berlin
aug 15 developes an illustrative imageconcept for Vitrashop Group, Weil a. Rh.
aug15 developes in competition an Illustration- and imageconcept for EU Komission, Bruxelles
mai 15 developes Animations for Deutsche Fussball Liga DFL, Frankfurt a. M.
mai 15 develops an artwork and act as live- and digital painter for Allianz, Köln
mai 15 designs several bookcovers for bookeditor Atlantis, Stockholm
april 15 visualize for and collaborate with Vitra Design, Weil am Rhein
april 15 developes the Ampelmannbook and Cityguide App for Berlin,
Berlin for Ramblers
the first authentic Berlinreader: Ampelmann GmbH, Berlin
feb 15-jun 15 Artwork for Pyrex, Frankfurt Agency: ABlok, Paris
feb 15 Artwork for DEG and KfW, Köln
feb 15 Illustrative Layout of the Imageworld for Maestrani, a Suisse Chococolate Producer Agency: Simple, Köln
dez 14 Liveillustration in the Designoffices Munich for Bosch Siemens Hausgeraete
Agency: Sturm und Drang, Hamburg
dez 14 devolpes keyvisuals and imageconcepts for e.on
Agency: matt circus, Köln
sept 14-okt 14 graphic recording for leadership meeting Burda International Istanbul
sept 14 devolpes Sound logo animations for Ampelmann GmbH Berlin
jun 14 act as graphic recorder and live illustrator for telekom- and webasto-events
may14 devolpes printdesign and Illustration for an fair trade design project of Fanuc Robotics
Agency: Zink und Kraemer, Köln
apr 14-may 14 act as graphic recorder and live illustrator for basf-, bayer ag-, leoni- and loewen-events
jan 14-mar 14 developes animations for axa securities, cologne
jan 14-mar 14 developes for Ampelmann GmbH, Berlin creative and illustrative solutions for shopdesign projects and animations
oct 13-dec 13 designs motiongraphics for interior design projects for adidas
Agency: simple GmbH, Köln
oct 13-dec 13 illustrates for manager magazine and several corporate publishing projects
apr13 design, artwork and graphic recording services for several companies and direct clients
jan 13-mar 13 developes an animated TV Trailer and Campaign, broadcast in Afghanistan
for the 'Deutsche Welle' and 'Ministry for Foreign Affairs'
Client: Deutsche Welle, Bonn
nov 12-dec 12 developes an animated and illustrated film
for the 'BMW AG'
executive partner agency: simple environmedia gmbh
sept 12 delivers the Content Agency Kircher Burkhardt with Illustrations,
for Corporate Publishing Projects and eon Magazine Design: Kircher Burkhardt, Berlin
oct 12 act as liveillustrator and visual facilitator at workshopevents for Henkel and,
METRO Agency: dadaluxe, Duesseldorf
sep 12-oct 12 developes an imageconcept for a Magazine, edited by Deutsche Welle,
Client: Deutsche Welle, Bonn
may 12-jun 12 act as liveillustrator and visual facilitator at a 3-day workshop for SGL Carbon and,
Diakonie KreuznachAgency: offbox, Frankfurt
mar 12-apr 12 designs the online presence for filmdirector Erica von Moeller ''
apr12 designs printmdedia for communication projects of Bayer Health Care,
Agency: Klubhaus, Köln
mar 12 creates and illustrates a children's book
'Der alte Herr Populo', Torhaus Edition
feb 12-okt 12 act as liveillustrator at a workshop for the Federal Ministry of Family,
Agency: vokdams, Berlin
feb 12 designs the online presence for a new upcoming building company
jan 12 illustrates an animated clip for Wuestenrot, Agency: uniplan and Elastique, Köln
jan 12 illustrates 'Travelling in Europe', printmedia in 28 languages for the EU, European Union, Agency: Euresin, Brussels, Belgium
okt 11-nov 11 delivers the Content Agency Kircher Burkhardt with Illustrations,
for Corporate Publishing Projects and Magazine Design: Kircher Burkhardt, Berlin
sep 11-okt 11 designs the dvd-edition and printproducts for a turkish filmproject, client: Deutsch-Tuerkisches Kulturforum
jul 11-aug11 illustrates and create a 2m x 2,5m sized house as popup-book for LBS, executive partner agency: uniplan
jul 11-aug11 designs and conceive the website for a castle
as eventlocation '' – Start: September 2011
jun 11-jul 10 developes illustrationbased imagecampaign for Deutsche Welle in South East Asia, client: Deutsche Welle, Bonn
may 11 creates 40m long and 4m high artwork for an Interior Project for Volkswagen, executive partner agency: Hagen Invent, Duesseldorf
apr 11 designs printmedia for filmpool and a storyboard for metafilm
mar 11-apr 11 develope 3D visuals for the new catalogue of Hase Fireplaces, Hase Kaminofenbau GmbH
feb 11 create artwork for the Corsa Launch Event, Opel AG
jan 11 illustrates for Deutsche Bahn, Bahnmuseum, Nuernberg, executive partner agency: Uniplan, Köln
dez 10 developes in second year the imageconcept for the annualreport of Vaillant Group, Remscheid, executive partner agency: Gerlach und Partner, Köln
nov 10-dez 10 designs and conceive the artwork for Cuban Cultural Events,
Havana Cultura, executive partner agency: jvm
jul 10-sep 10 illustrates an interactive animation for an touchscreen application,
executive partner agency: Lookup, Gelsenkirchen
jul 10-aug 10 designs and conceive the website for the leading producer
of light measuring instruments '' – Start: August 2010
apr 10-jun 10 create the corporate identity for the communication agency
'newskontor' newskontorsite: newskontor
mar 10-apr 10 create the artwork and design for cinemaproductions of X-Verleih, Berlin
dez 09-feb 10 developes new illustrationconcept for the annualreport of Vaillant Group, Remscheid
nov 09-feb 10 working out an illustrationconcept for the communication of LHD Group, textile industries for work wear in germany, executive partner agency: Wunderknaben, Duesseldorf
oct-nov 09 model out a mascotcharacter for an american concern for technology products, executive partner agency: Planworx, Munich
sept-nov 09 developes the illustrative works for the Tag der offenen Tür 2009,
'Bundesminsiterium für Arbeit und Soziales' executive partner agency: facts&fiction gmbh
jul-aug 09 updates the onlineprofile of comedian Michael Kessler,
may 09 developes the onlinetravel portal '' – start: august 2009
jan-jul 09 developes the illustrative concepts and works for tv-trailer of
'Deutsche Welle' in Asia, DW-TV-Asia
jan-feb 09 developes the complete design and illustrative concept for the
exihibition stand of 'crumpler'-bags at the 'photokina 08'
executive partner agency: simple environmedia gmbh
oct 08 wins pitch for the illustrative design at the foyer of the
bmw junior campus / BMW Welt Munich, opening spring 2007
executive partner agency: simple environmedia gmbh
jan 06 - oct 07 wins pitch for the onlinerelaunch and new corporate design of the
ifs - internationale filmschule köln
jan 07 - jul 07